How we're better than other lead gen. tools

Updated 1 year ago by Kalo Yankulov

With HeadReach we wanted to create a simple, easy to use and affordable lead generation software for small businesses and startups. 

There are hundreds of them and we know we came late to the party...

But sometimes being late can be a good thing. We still believe there's a gap to be filled in the lead generation market and we're confident we can create some value for marketing and sales people with HeadReach.

So how we're different than all of the other lead generation and email finding tools? 

1. Fair and transparent pricing

With plans starting at just $19/mo. for 100 emails and $0.15 per email for our bigger plans, we're one of the most affordable lead generation tools out there.

2. In-app Advanced Search with 11 filter parameters (and more on the way)

 Save from a LinkedIn premium account and never see the annoying "LinkedIn Member" titles again. All prospecting happens in-app with HeadReach.

3. We search emails for all current and previous job positions

Most tools can only find the email of the most recent position. We use a number of premium 3rd party APIs in combination with our own proprietary email algorithm to look for all possible emails when we're not able to find the most recent one. Like that, for example.

4. Contextual data for both individuals and companies

For each person, we provide relevant data like Social followers, Personal Sites, Interests, etc. And we also provide emails, phone numbers and social profiles for each company.

5. Concierge email finding service for our medium and large plans 

If you're not able to find an email we'll do that manually for you (free of charge). And we're pretty good at finding emails :) So far we've been able to find the emails of people with very obscure online presence like the fake news journalist Paul Horner, for example.

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