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The first page you will see once you enter your Dashboard is the People Finder. The People Finder allows you to find targeted business contacts quickly.

Think of the People Finder as your list of search shortcuts. This is where your prospecting starts from. 

There are 4 types of searches in the People Finder:

  1. Search People by Name
  2. Search People by Company
  3. Search People by Website
  4. and our Advanced Search

You can click on each type of search, and you will be navigated to a page with that search:

We're going to dive into each of search but before we do that let's see how to jump from one type of search to another quickly.

Let's say you're on Search People by Name page, but you want to Search People by Company. All you have to do is use the tab navigation on top to switch to searching people by company:

Always make sure you're on the right type of search. For example, if you're searching for the magazine "Forbes" but see people with surname Forbes make sure you're not on the Name search page instead of the Company search page.

Now let's review each type of search.

Search People by Name

This one is pretty self-explanatory. Use it to find business contacts if you know their name. Make sure to include both first name and surname. Our search will also work if you only include a first name or surname but it's very hard to find the right contact that way.

Bill Gates

Our name search looks for results with an exact match. Make sure you're not mistyping the person's name. For example, a search for "Bill Gades" will return no results.

Search People by Company

If you want to find all people that work at a company, you must Search People by Company. For your ease, we provide an autosuggestion with millions of companies. Just start typing a company name, and you will see all of the suggestions.

Searching for companies with the same name

At the moment, our prospector doesn't distinguish between companies with the same name. Let's say you're searching for "Acme Company" but there are 3 other companies named "Acme Company" — our search will return people that work in all 4 companies. In these cases, if you know the domain name of the company you're searching for, it's better to use our Domain name search.

Search People by Domain

Search People by Website works in a similar way but instead of the company name you use the company website. For example, "".
Searching for subdomains and inner pages

It makes no difference if you search for "" or "" — our Domain search will always return results for "".

Advanced Search

Advanced Search is our flagship feature. With 11 different filters, you can easily find the right decision makers right inside our tool. 

The Advanced Search filters are:

  • Company
  • Name
  • Position
  • Industry
  • Keywords
  • Country
  • Location
  • Job start date
  • University or school
  • Degree
  • Current positions only

For a detailed guide on using Advanced Search, please visit Advanced Search - make targeted searches.

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