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 Learn more about your prospects.

HeadReach helps you prepare better by understanding better your prospects. We provide contextual person and company data like social links, number of followers, other relevant websites, interests or topics.

All you got to do is click on a person's name to reveal more information about that person.

Here's a list of data points we return for people and companies:

People Data

  1. Person's name — ex. Kalo Yankulov
  2. Current location — ex. London
  3. Current company — ex. Microsoft
  4. Current job role — ex. Developer
  5. Verified email (email for current company or if not possible to find emails for previous companies) — ex.
  6. Social media profiles — ex. Facebook profile, Twitter handle, etc.
  7. Bio - Raghav is the Founder and CEO of Bode Solutions, which owns Bode Animation, Greatlance, 3to30, ThestartupVideos and Bode Labs. Raghav is passion towards building something new, unique and versatile products.  
  8. Description (contextual summary) — visible without using credits — ex. Raghav is the Founder of Animaker and Bode Animation which is one of the world's fastest growing Software company in the content creation space. He is a ...
  9. Social followers — number of followers on sites like LinkedIn and Twitter.
  10. Work history — ex.  Animaker Inc. February 2014 - present Founder / CEO | Bode Animation February 2017 - present Founder | Bode Solutions Private Limited March 2013 - present CEO.
  11. Interests — ex. Animation, B2B, Bangalore, Chennai, Venture Capital
  12. Websites — relevant websites for the person (personal websites, interviews, etc. —,,

Company Data

  1. Name - ex. Microsoft
  2. Location — ex. San Fracisco
  3. Website — ex.
  4. Company phone number — ex. +359899123123. Tip: Apart from emails you can use phone numbers to do your outreach. Extract all phone numbers from HeadReach and import them in a cold calling lead management tool like myphoner.
  5. Description — ex. "Animaker (Do-it-Yourself) is an intelligent video making app which simplifies the process of animated video making and presentation."
  6. Links — links to any additional sites and landing pages related to the company — ex.
  7. Founded — ex. 2015
  8. Employees — ex. 100
  9. Keywords/Topics — Animated Video, Animation, Content Marketing, Create Videos Online, Demo Video, Digital Media, Education, Entertainment, Explainer Video, Journalism...

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