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Advanced Search is one of our most powerful features. It is available both on a separate page and also as a sidebar on the search results page. Both the Advanced Search page and the sidebar have the same filters and work in the same way.

  1. First go to the Advanced Search page or use the Advanced Search sidebar on one of the search results pages.
  2. Click on a filter's name to expand the filter. For example, click on "Company" to filter by company name.
  3. To add a filter just type in some text and make sure to press Enter. It's really important that you don't forget to press Enter, otherwise your filter won't be saved. When your filter is saved you will see a dark gray tag under the text field:

    To remove a filter tag just click on the X on the right of it.
  4. Once you've selected all of your filters, simply click on Search.

For precise search results, our search is not case sensitive, but we search for exact matches. Make sure there are no mistakes in your text input.

"Bill Gates" and "bill gates" will return the same results. But searching for "Bill Gades" will return no results as there is no person named "Bill Gades". 

Advanced Search filters explained

With the Advanced Search you can prospect for business contacts using 11 different search filters:

  • Company
  • Name
  • Position
  • Industry
  • Keywords
  • Country
  • Location
  • Job start date
  • University or school
  • Degree
  • Current positions only

Below we're going to explain how to use each one of them.

Current positions only

We're going to start with the last filter because it's really important and can result in very different search results. This filter is not selected by default.

When you select "Current positions only" we're going to return only people that currently has the job position you've selected. Let's say you're searching for Engineers in Microsoft. You've selected "Engineer" under Position and "Microsoft" under Company. If you want to display only individuals that currently work as Engineers at Microsoft, you must select "Current positions only".

When "Current positions only" IS selected

We return only people with current job positions.

When "Current positions only" is NOT selected (default)

We return:

  • People with current positions
  • People with past positions. For example, people who have worked previously as Engineers at Microsoft.
  • People who don't work as Engineers at Microsoft currently or in the past but are somehow related. For example, this could be someone from a different company but who has worked with engineers from Microsoft; or has provided some services to Microsoft; or an engineer from a similar company. This search works in a similar way to a standard Google search.
For broader results make sure "Current positions only" is not selected. For more targeted results always make sure to select "Current positions only". Always experiment with this filter — results will vary a lot.


Use this filter to search for 1 or more companies. We currently support up to 5-10 companies at a time.

Example: Microsoft


Use it to find business contacts if you know their name. Make sure to include both first name and surname. Our search will also work if you only include a first name or surname but it's very hard to find the right contact that way. 

Example: Bill Gates


Use this filter to search for a particular job position. We offer a list of suggested job positions, but you can also use one that is not included in our list. You can include 2 or more positions at a time. 

Example: web developer, engineer, programmer
Remember: all filters are an exact match. If you search for "web developer" we're only going to search for web developers, and not "programmer" or "engineer", etc.


This filter will return people that work in a particular industry. 

The list of industries we support is:

  • Accounting
  • Airlines/Aviation
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution
  • Alternative Medicine
  • Animation
  • Apparel and Fashion
  • Architecture and Planning
  • Arts and Crafts
  • Automotive
  • Aviation and Aerospace
  • Banking
  • Biotechnology
  • Broadcast Media
  • Building Materials
  • Business Supplies and Equipment
  • Capital Markets
  • Chemicals
  • Civic and Social Organization
  • Civil Engineering
  • Commercial Real Estate
  • Computer and Network Security
  • Computer Games
  • Computer Hardware
  • Computer Networking
  • Computer Software
  • Construction
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Consumer Goods
  • Consumer Services
  • Cosmetics
  • Dairy
  • Defense and Space
  • Design
  • Education Management
  • E-Learning
  • Electrical/Electronic Manufacturing
  • Entertainment
  • Environmental Services
  • Events Services
  • Executive Office
  • Facilities Services
  • Farming
  • Financial Services
  • Fine Art
  • Fishery
  • Food and Beverages
  • Food Production
  • Fund-Raising
  • Furniture
  • Gambling and Casinos
  • Glass
  • Ceramics and Concrete
  • Government Administration
  • Government Relations
  • Graphic Design
  • Health
  • Wellness and Fitness
  • Higher Education
  • Hospital and Health Care
  • Hospitality
  • Human Resources
  • Import and Export
  • Individual and Family Services
  • Industrial Automation
  • Information Services
  • Information Technology and Services
  • Insurance
  • International Affairs
  • International Trade and Development
  • Internet
  • Investment Banking
  • Investment Management
  • Judiciary
  • Law Enforcement
  • Law Practice
  • Legal Services
  • Legislative Office
  • Leisure
  • Travel and Tourism
  • Libraries
  • Logistics and Supply Chain
  • Luxury Goods and Jewelry
  • Machinery
  • Management Consulting
  • Maritime
  • Marketing and Advertising
  • Market Research
  • Mechanical or Industrial Engineering
  • Media Production
  • Medical Devices
  • Medical Practice
  • Mental Health Care
  • Military
  • Mining and Metals
  • Motion Pictures and Film
  • Museums and Institutions
  • Music
  • Nanotechnology
  • Newspapers
  • Nonprofit Organization Management
  • Oil and Energy
  • Online Media
  • Outsourcing/Offshoring
  • Package/Freight Delivery
  • Packaging and Containers
  • Paper and Forest Products
  • Performing Arts
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Philanthropy
  • Photography
  • Plastics
  • Political Organization
  • Primary/Secondary Education
  • Printing
  • Professional Training and Coaching
  • Program Development
  • Public Policy
  • Public Relations and Communications
  • Public Safety
  • Publishing
  • Railroad Manufacture
  • Ranching
  • Real Estate
  • Recreational Facilities and Services
  • Religious Institutions
  • Renewables and Environment
  • Research
  • Restaurants
  • Retail
  • Security and Investigations
  • Semiconductors
  • Shipbuilding
  • Sporting Goods
  • Sports
  • Staffing and Recruiting
  • Supermarkets
  • Telecommunications
  • Textiles
  • Think Tanks
  • Tobacco
  • Translation and Localization
  • Transportation/Trucking/Railroad
  • Utilities
  • Venture Capital and Private Equity
  • Veterinary
  • Warehousing
  • Wholesale
  • Wine and Spirits
  • Wireless
  • Writing and Editing

All industries appear as suggestions under the industry field.

Make sure to select one of the suggested industries otherwise your search may not return relevant results.


Use the keyword filter to find people with relevant traits. For example, skills, topics, interests or even a website or a job position.

web design


This filter allows you to show only people from one or more countries. We currently support 99 countries across the globe.

United States
United Kingdom


Use this filter to target people from a particular area, city, town or even a continent.

San Francisco Bay Area

Job start date

Use this filter in combination with the Position filter to narrow down a job start date. For ex., find all people that have started a project manager position in September 2016.

University or school

This filter helps you find people that have studied or currently study in a particular university or school. 


Another helpful filter for recruiters. Filter people by their degree:

  • College
  • Bachelor
  • Master
  • Doctor

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